Water Scarcity in Pakistan.


Water Scarcity in Pakistan.

Pakistan is, currently, mired in several multifarious crises, but one of the most pressing issues that the country faces at the moment is the water crisis. Pakistan faces a serious water crisis as per-capita water availability falls due to diminishing freshwater supplies and the exponentially increasing demands of the country’s burgeoning population. According to the National Annual Plan 2019-20, during the last 71 years, the per-capita availability of water in the country has come down to an alarming level of 935 cubic metres from 5,260 cubic metres. If an effective water-storage strategy is not adopted, the per-capita water availability in the country would decrease to 860 cubic metres by the year 2025. It would further lower to 500 cubic metres by 2040, if measures are not taken to conserve water in the country. If the water crisis in Pakistan is not solved, the impact felt by people in the country will worsen.

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