‘Essays on Contemporary Crime prevention’

This book is a compilation of my research on criminology that was done in Australia, along with the 20-year experience of policing in Pakistan though these were not, primarily, written for publishing in form of a book.

These essays are the outcome of my laborious work on criminology-related concepts. Being the writer, I was well-aware of the level and importance of the incorporated material, therefore, inspired by a strong self-motivation, I decided to publish these essays in form of a booklet so that maximum people, particularly the students of criminology and those conducting research in this field and also Police work, may benefit from it.

Throughout history, crime has been detrimental to society. Such activities committed by anti-social elements tend to create an imbalance in a peaceful society. Nevertheless, it was, and still is, a favourite subject for those who quest to bridle this genie of crime. Whether, it is fight against crime or the theories proposed to nip the crime in the bud, all have a common aim and that is to eradicate crime from society. In these essays, the dichotomy of crime prevention theories and crime fighting has been merged to give one aspect of crime prevention, both theoretically and practically.

Generally speaking, the chapters of this book can be divided into 3 segments. First, the chapters focused on psychological factors behind crimes. Secondly, those which deal with social behaviour and traits that are part and parcel of criminal activities, and lastly, those which portray theories dealing with the criminal law and justice system.

While concluding, I can say that this book is an interwoven analytical study of contemporary and past crimes, theories, researches and crime-prevention methodologies. The book focuses on the overall crime-fighting strategies besides touching some sensitive topics like racism, gender bias and psychological factors behind the criminal activities. Moreover, the references and websites have been provided at the end of each chapter for curious readers so that they may access them to quench their thirst for detailed knowledge.

I hope this book will go a long way in helping the readers who want professional knowledge or who are curious about the subjects of Policing and Criminology.

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