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Prognostications:  a forecast or prediction\to predict from the evidence.

‘A medical examination enables a doctor to prognosticate your future health.’

Woolgathering means absent mindedness, indulgence in daydreaming.

‘His woolgathering caused failure in exams.’

Chronicle: a chronological record of events; a history.

‘I read a chronicle of Bill Gates life.’

Manage: a domestic establishment; household\ a social unit living together.

‘The weekly session was especially designed for the young girls to learn how to manage a manage.’

Stalking: harassing another in an aggressive, often threatening and in an illegal manner\unwanted obsessive attention by an individual or a group.

‘Stalking is now a crime in many states.’

Idiomatic Phrases:

Under the wire: at the last moment, just in the nick of time.

‘I completed my assignment just under the wire.’

A gold digger:  a woman who has relationships with rich men so that they will give her money.

‘If she is not a gold digger, how come her all boy friends are so rich?’

Walk with God :   to teach and live according to the doctrine of faith; to live in obedience to his commands, go in the ways of God)

‘The Quran tells us how to walk with God.’

To eat one’s words: to confess that one’s predictions were wrong; to take back one’s statement as it was wrong.

‘You shouldn’t have promised me a job before, now I’ll make you eat your words.

A wet blanket: someone who does or says something that stops other people from enjoying themselves.

‘I don’t want to be a wet blanket but please consider others when you are playing music otherwise you’ll disturb your neighbours .’

Confusing Words:

Baited, Bated: Bated means to lessen or reduce, whereas bait refers to the food that is used as a lure to catch something.

‘He asked the people to bate the noise while he was setting up the meat as bait for the lion.’

Broach, Brooch :

To broach is to introduce a subject, whereas a brooch is a piece of jewellery, fixed to the dress with a pin to embellish it.

‘The idea of making course folders was broached by the head of the department in the faculty meeting.’

Callous , Callus :

Callous means careless but callus means a patch of hard skin.

‘Her callous attitude towards studies will create troubles for her to get admission in a well recognized college.’

Capitol, Capital :
The capitol is the legislative building (the building in Washington, DC, used by the Congress of the US for its sessions) and capital is the city in which the legislature is located.
‘Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan.’
‘I went to see the capitol which is in Washington DC, the capital of US.’

Catholic, catholic :
With a small c, catholic means wide-ranging, comprehensive, and broad-minded. With a capital C, Catholic is used as the shortened form for the Roman Catholic religion.

‘He has catholic taste in food.’
Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic.’

By: Maryam Jahangir

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