Not Ignorance but Ignorance of Ignorance Is True Ignorance

Not Ignorance but Ignorance of Ignorance Is True Ignorance

The fact that not ignorance but ignorance of ignorance is true ignorance encompasses the justification of existence of behaviours which are antagonist to all facets of society and state.

True ignorance prevails when intellectual, social and moral maturities cease to exist in a society. Not condemning the despicable behaviours which come in the sphere of ignorance causes states to lag behind other states. It affects people not only on individual level but on national level as well. Countries with such framework based on true ignorance attract anti-state factors to come into play leading to collapse of the whole system. Thus, adoption of appropriate measures to overcome appalling outcomes of true ignorance is the need of the hour.

Civil society should endeavour to cultivate the sense of maturity among all segments of society. Media should present strategies to equip the society with moral, ethical and intellectual maturity to counter the effects of true ignorance.

Being ignorant from true ignorance is the reason why societies’ dreams to be called civilized ones remain unfulfilled. Ineptness to differentiate behaviours that are against the societal norms doesn’t exhibit a lack of education; rather, it manifests that the society is devoid of social and moral consciousness. Unintentional acknowledgment of unacceptable behaviours laid the foundation of true ignorance.

Our Pakistani society couldn’t get rid of such ignorance in real sense. Here, people couldn’t recognize the behaviours which are unwanted in a civilized setup. For instance, in a civilized society, daughters don’t remain bachelorettes only because the family would lose a part of land if they marry. Such behaviour speaks volumes on moral, social and intellectual immaturity that prevails in Pakistani society.

The paucity of such maturities has paved the way for acceptance of unwanted behaviours in society. Nations immature socially, morally and intellectually never stand out among others. Pakistan though vociferously supports humanitarian causes but presence of vices like karokari, wani, gender discrimination, and violence against women casts doubts on her stance.

The societies which don’t curb the attitudes against their norms instigate the loss of moral obligations in their citizenry. Moral obligation is a self-check that makes people to realize their responsibilities toward society as well as the state. Unfortunately, in Pakistani society, such ignorance is leaving its loathed mark on the lives of the masses. Loss of this obligation has halted the internalization of social responsibility among individuals. Hence they don’t care for the duties they owe to society as well as state. For instance, a person who witnesses an accident shirks helping just because he doesn’t want to indulge in an activity that won’t pay him anything. Such an attitude has eroded the selflessness among the members of Pakistani society.

Emergence of individualistic approach marks the prevalence of true ignorance in Pakistan. Those societies are doomed to fail where every member has a self-centred approach in each and every matter of life. They care only about themselves. Instead of collective benefit, they prioritize individual interests only. Egoistic approach deprives the social setup from sense of humanity. Hoarding eatables in hours of flood may be an example of this negative attitude.

Egocentric people in Pakistan are letting jazzy rituals to thrive.  For instance, despite all efforts against Hindu tradition of dowry, many people have a mindset which favours this custom. This ignorance has resulted in many girls turning into spinsters as their parents couldn’t arrange for their dower.

Another outcome of existence of such phenomenon in Pakistani society is social disintegration. A pivotal force which creates a robust social system is unity among individuals. It gives them a collective binding which results in a cohesive system. Such a system not only fulfils the peoples’ basic needs like food, shelter, justice, equality, etc., it also safeguards them from the factors which manipulate them according to their whims and wishes. True ignorance unleashes injustice and iniquity in every aspect of life thus people have to lead their lives in a frail, imperfect social setup which cannot ensure providence of equal opportunities to all without any discrimination of cast and creed. Furthermore, it deprives the people of their basic rights and arouses feelings of animosity toward society. This ensues in lessened social coherence and integrity making the society vulnerable to be controlled by the aliens with a system that protects their vested interests.
Lack of justice is another factor that is increasing woes and is producing irregularities in every aspect of life. Rampant corruption, cronyism, and disregard to law, etc., create belligerence and weaken the social bond. That’s why anti-societal factors like feudal or tribal lords, etc., still rule the roost in Pakistan.

Antiquated and bigoted mindset of different stakeholders in social setup furthers the inhumane customs. Such customs harbour the phenomenon of true ignorance. In some parts of Pakistan, freedom of women is still an elusive dream and a curse for the family norms, education of girls amounts to challenging ancestors’ values. All these attitudes breed such behaviours unchecked. These behaviours are in different shapes and inculcate in society with alternate forms.  Illegal landholding, exploitation of manpower, acid throwing, curbs on women to vote are some forms of this detrimental effect to our social framework.

In Pakistan, practices conforming to true ignorance are leading to use of illegitimate means. No civilized society can allow human trafficking, child labour, smuggling, or such other vices. Those who let this happen are the true embodiments of senseless people who have no moral obligation and indulge into true ignorance. Tax evasion, corruption, nepotism, abuse of power, etc., are the ramifications of this irresponsible behaviour. Every individual owes some inescapable duties to his or her state. Minds which resort to such practices are a part of social setup discouraging those who perform their duties religiously. Tax evasion haunts the economy of country. A major chunk of country’s finances is to be spent on providing basic amenities to the citizens. This elaborates the need of collection of revenues in form of taxes. Tax evasion is damaging the whole setup and a vicious cycle of unavailability of basic necessities still prevails.

Acceptance of corrupt means in Pakistani society is an outcome of being ignorant, knowingly or unknowingly, from the phenomenon of moral values which bound everyone to condemn and stop any immoral act. Corruption in any form i.e. cronyism, favouritism, etc., is a never tolerated in civilized societies. It negates merit in every aspect of life. The corrupt people are weakening the social fabric that is nearing collapse fast.

In Pakistan, the prevalence of true ignorance lets sectarianism and extremism prosper and thrive. Anti-social factors rise in presence of an environment that helps them go on to pursue their ulterior motives. Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi incident or Shia leaders’ killings are carried out by anti-state actors as they want to derail the system and work for chaos in Pakistan. These savage elements approach the affectees of terror incidents and instigate them to rebellion against the state. These vile practices are encouraging an extremist and fanatic approach among some cadres of society. Mobilizing all the resources of brainwashing innocent young boys, results in suicide bombing and mass killings. Such episodes are creating panic and chaos in society leading to the creation of conflict and frustration at all levels.

Inability to condemn and eradicate such negative behaviours ensued from true ignorance prove detrimental to interfaith harmony in Pakistan. Mullahs, the pseudo-scholars, come with their own bigoted interpretation of Islam. It is creating a wave of disdain and hatred among followers of other religions. As this creates a sense of insecurity among minorities, peace in the society remains a far cry. Islam teaches to be tolerant and modest in each and every matter, and being not among those who spread mischief on earth.  This true ignorance is tearing the social fabric apart and is halting the social connection and coherence.

In Pakistan, attitudes based on such mindset are consequence of true ignorance. Acts like street violence, destruction of public and private property, mass agitation, etc. are further adding to the woes of people who are already mired in deteriorated law and order situation. All these actions challenge the writ of the state. Once the writ of the state is challenged, the door to anti-state groups to implement their destructive thinking opens. Unknown abductions, target killings, extortion, kidnappings for ransom wreak havoc in the country. This had imparted an opportunity to those anti-state elements who aspire to fulfil their malicious designs and create a state within a state that is detrimental to the ideology of a country.

Notwithstanding, the whole scenario seems to be absurd but it’s not impossible to turn the tables. Various strategies can be evolved and measures adopted to rout and annihilate these anti-state elements thus countering the destructive impacts of true ignorance which has affected us at individual as well as national level.
Internalization of self-check approach is the key to overcoming all repercussions caused by true ignorance on individual level. It can be internalized through informal ways of social control along with proper education. Once a sense of self-check is restored, a society based on responsible citizens well equipped with moral obligation towards each other and state would take its roots. It would put a full stop to self-centred approach and would create a social setup featuring social integration.

Education system should be made capable of inculcating moral, ethical and social values in individuals. This is the only way to overcome the hazardous effects of true ignorance in Pakistani society. Such system would produce citizens who would abolish the outdated customs in society and would be a source of social change to ensure eradication of all negative attitudes and behaviours.

Civil society must come forward to get the culprits, who tarnish the image of the country with their wrongdoings, penalized. An awareness campaign to discourage such behaviours which favours the assimilation of culture of tax evasion, corruption etc, is direly needed.

Media is playing an unprecedentedly tremendous role as a watchdog to eliminate all the behaviours which are trademark of true ignorance in our society. Media should also present the content that should create awareness on responsibilities and duties of the citizens to end social menaces. Media must people that they must not become a puppet in the hands of anti-state actors. It should inculcate the sense of nationalism in citizens and enable them to safeguard the ideology of Pakistan.

In nutshell, the notion “not ignorance but ignorance of ignorance is true ignorance” consists of philosophy upon which basis of all the anti-societal behaviours lie. Whether a nation is a civilized one is determined by its foundation on social and moral consciousness. The societies which are lack such consciousness represent a typical example of true ignorance. Pakistani society has become an embodiment of true ignorance which, in turn, is dismantling the whole setup and entangling individual as well as collective lives of people in its ramifications. The champions of outdated customs and traditions openly follow their absurd traditions.

True ignorance is damaging all spheres of life equally and is creating a catastrophic paradigm in society by allowing anti-social and anti-state elements to carry on with their nefarious agenda. It is jeopardizing national sovereignty and is putting its security at stake. There is no denying the fact that there is absolutely nothing which can be redeemed. As someone has rightly said that “Impossible” means “I am possible”. So, timely measures should be taken to get Pakistani society out of the tangle of obnoxious repercussions of true ignorance. Internalization of self-check approach, education system capable of embedding moral, ethical and social values in individuals, a living civil society and vibrant media are some steps which should be taken to eradicate the curse of true ignorance from Pakistan once for all.

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