TIPS for the ESSAY

Tips for the Essay

What are the hurdles in our way to becoming a truly independent state?

  1. Introduction
  2. Measures to gauge the independence of a state
  3. Critical analysis of Pakistan’s 68 years of independence
  4. Hurdles in our way to becoming a truly independent state:

The hurdles are of diverse categories, as:

I.    Political Hurdles

a.    Problematic borders
b.    Military domination: an impediment to development of other state institutions
c.    Lack of consensus among politicians on major issues
d.    Perennial issue of terrorism
e.    Shortsighted, imprudent and impetuously-designed foreign policy

II.    Administrative Hurdles

a.    Spineless bureaucracy
b.    Delayed justice
c.    Dishonesty, nepotism and red-tapism
d.    Flawed transparency and accountability mechanisms

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III.    Economic Hurdles

a.    Vicious circle of poverty
b.    Outdated techniques of agricultural farming
c.    Unbridled inflation rate
d.    Undocumented economy
e.    Blind privatization

IV.    Religious Hurdles

a.    Pathetic role of religious icons for power lust
b.    Inculcation of anti-democratic sentiment in the minds of followers and support of dictatorship
c.    Use of religious followers as a pressure group
d.    Unignorable role of religious parties in promoting sectarianism
e.    Inclination toward taqleed rather than ijtihad

V.    Social hurdles

a.    Marginal and unproductive role of women
b.    Class disparities because of feudalism and landlordism
c.    Resistance of general masses to adopting new things
d.    Uncontrolled population growth

5.    Can we ever become a truly independent nation? Yes!
6.    Recommendations for removing the hurdles in becoming a truly independent state

a.    Strengthening democracy by ensuring continuity of credible elections and proper vetting of candidates
b.    Devising meticulous, far-sighted and independent foreign policy
c.    A complete overhauling of administrative systems
d.    Adopting prudent and visionary economic policies
e.    Enacting of stringent laws to broaden the tax net
f.    Promoting of progressive scholars
g.    Launching of media campaign to change the mindset of society.

7.    Conclusion

Tips for the Essay

  1. As usual, start the introductory paragraph with a general discussion and gradually narrow down its scope till it finally comes to an end with “Thesis Statement”. Give Thesis Statement in an attractive but unambiguous way; clearly defining the scope and limits of the essay.
  2. While critically analyzing the post-independence history of Pakistan, you should come up with solid arguments suggesting that Pakistan has never been a truly independent state throughout the period. To substantiate your point, do quote examples from the economic sector, foreign policy, military history and social sector. In this part of the essay, your focus should be to imprint a positive image of the depth of your knowledge in the mind of the examiner.
  3. The fourth main point i.e. “what are hurdles in our way to becoming a truly independent state,” is, in fact, the main question asked in the essay. Answer to this question demands a detailed discussion on all the hurdles that have caused Pakistan to remain deprived of true independence. Discussion on this point should be spread over, at least, 10-12 pages. Put up your arguments in an extremely logical way with citation of relevant data, and references of pertinent facts from the history. Always remember that unless you convince the examiner of the depth, accuracy and relevance of your knowledge, you will not be able to secure good marks merely on the basis of linguistic skills.
  4. While expanding the fifth main point i.e. “Can we ever become a truly independent nation? Yes,” shed light on the brighter side of the picture. In this part, try to prove that we, as a nation, are sufficiently endowed with the potential for getting rid of all the impediments to becoming a truly independent state. Examples from our history as Pakistanis and Muslims would be quoted to corroborate the point. Discussion on this particular aspect may span 2-3 pages. In fact, this is the part where you will be kindling the light of hope for the better future of the country. After the detailed discussion, in the previous part — on the barriers to our becoming a truly independent state — in this part, you would disperse the clouds of uncertainty and dismay. It is strictly advisable to end the essay on a note that gives the readers some element of hope and this is what this part of the essay would do.
  5. Recommendations, as is always advised, should not present a “wish list”; instead, they should be highly practicable and relevant, keeping in view the present circumstances of the country. Each “Recommendation” should be described in a separate paragraph, however, owing to the scarcity of time, last 2-3 recommendations can be summed up in a single paragraph. While recommending corrective measures, do refer to the steps already taken by the government for the amelioration of the situation and the causes of their missing the targets.
  6. In the concluding paragraph, present a summary overview of all that you have discussed in the whole essay. Here, you should focus on the selection of suitable and impressive vocabulary as it is highly important to leave the examiner with his mind fully convinced of the skill and adroitness of the candidate as far as the art of essay writing is concerned.


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