Alert: To warn; call to readiness

If you had not alerted him in time, he would have been killed by his enemies.
Allocate: To allot; distribute; apportion
The government has decided to allocate Rs. 10 million for health education.

To intimate; hint; refer to indirectly
She was far too polite to allude to the stain on his jacket.

Indirect reference or casual mention of something
In his speech, he made an allusion to the conspiracy against him.

Composed of sediment such as sand and clay deposited by flowing water
Some alluvial deposits are source of minerals.

Choice; opportunity to choose between two incompatible things
I’m afraid I have no alternative but to ask you to leave.

Unselfish, having regard for the interests of others
The UN is supposed to have an altruistic concern for the newly independent states.

Unselfish; generous; large hearted
I doubt whether her motives for donating the money are altruistic; she’s probably looking for publicity.

Mixture; blend of different elements
Her work is a strange amalgam of different literary styles.

Environment; atmosphere of a place
Despite being a busy city, Dublin has the ambience of a country town.

To improve, or at least make tolerable, unfortunate situations, suggesting partial relief
Foreign aid is badly needed to ameliorate the effect of drought.

To correct; to improve
Our constitution has been amended so many times that now it looks different from its original papers.

To alter or modify; improve; correct
Until the constitution is ame-nded, the power to appoint ministers will remain with the President.

Qualities that make life more comfortable
The council has some spare cash which it proposes to spend on public amenities.

Friendly; pleasant; affable
So amiable was the mood of the meeting that a decision was soon reached.

Pardon by a government for past offences
The government refused to declare an amnesty for people who had not paid the disputed tax.

Abundant; plentiful; more than enough
You’ll have ample opportunity to ask questions after the talk.

Magnitude; size; extent
One wonders at the amplitude of Iqbal’s literary achievements.

Placing a person, thing or event in the wrong

To warn; call to readiness
time, or anything so placed
The modern train was an obvious and distracting anachronism in the film about London in 1950s.

Similar; resembling in certain respects; comparable
The present crisis is analogous with the situation immediately before war.

Lawless; relating to a state of political disorder due to the absence of government authority
The country is in an anarchic state.

Lawlessness; absence of government, causing political and social disorder
Complete anarchy prevailed in the city when two processions attacked each other.

Whatever is detested, loathed, hated; originally an ecclesiastical curse condemning evil-doers
For older employees, the new system is an anathema.

Lively; full of life and action; vigorous
The lecture turned into an animated discussion.

To destroy completely; ruin the substance, force or effect of
By annihilating the smallpox virus, doctors have saved many lives.

Abnormality; irregularity; something out of keeping with established notions of fitness or order
Is it not something of an anomaly to have a President of one political party and the Prime Minister of another?

Remedy to counteract a poison or any unwanted condition
Regular exercise is the best antidote to tiredness and depression.

Remedy to counteract a poison or any other harmful condition
Do you think there is any antidote to the nation’s economic problems ?

Official policy of segregation and discrimination against non-European groups in South Africa
I favour apartheid of smokers.

Without feeling or emotion; lacking concern; indifferent
Don’t be so apathetic. How are you going to get a job if you can’t even write a letter?

Self-confidence; assurance; poise
He conducted the meeting with all the aplomb of an experienced speaker.

Non-political; having no interest
Ours is an apolitical organisation.

Obvious; plain to see; easily perceived
It is apparent from the current economic situation that the country is going to be declared a defaulter.

Ghost; the spirit of a dead person
He claimed to have seen strange apparitions at night.

To relate or belong to by right, nature, custom or function
She enjoyed the privileges appertaining to the office of chairman.

Appropriate for the purpose; pertinent
I found his speech wholly apposite to the current situation.

To evaluate; set a value on; estimate; judge the merit or quality of
At the end of each teaching practice, trainee teachers are asked to appraise their own performance.

To inform; give notice to; acquaint; advise; tell
The President has been apprised of the situation.

Talent; natural ability; bent
My friend has little aptitude for sport.

Judge; person with authority to settle disputes
The court was an arbiter between the province and the federal government.

Based on one’s own notions; not guided by law or rules
His arbitrary decisions ruined the business.

A covered passageway. Also, an arched, roofed-in area or a line of arches
I saw him at a shopping arcade.

Principal; chief; main
His is my arch rival.

Of or belonging to the distant part; from an ancient period in history
The meanings of some archaic forms of writings is not always understood today.

Fervour; emotion of great intensity and warmth
His ardour for the cause inspired his followers.

Difficult; demanding great effort; strenuous
The work is arduous and the time is short.

Haughty; overbearing; offensively demanding
She is very arrogant in the way she behaves.


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