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Welcome to the Twenty-First Century An Era of Complex Challenges

Welcome to the Twenty-First Century

The start of 2016 has been anything but calm. Falling equity prices in China have destabilized markets worldwide. Emerging economies seem to have stalled. The price of oil has plunged, pushing petroleum producers into crisis. North Korea is flexing its nuclear muscles. And in Europe, the ongoing refugee crisis is fomenting a toxic tide of nationalism which threatens to tear …

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Deterrence or Disarmament? The Ethics of Nuclear Warfare

Deterrence or Disarmament

Most research across disciplines unanimously agrees that it is immoral to detonate an atomic weapon due to both short- and long-term catastrophic effects. Therefore, this piece shall not focus on the actual use of nuclear weapons, but instead will analyze the latter question. Using various philosophical concepts, it will explore the fundamental question as to whether any implementation of nuclear …

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The Arab Spring A Retrospective Look at the Revolutions

The Arab Spring

Five years ago, the Arab revolutions, with the massive participation of social network-savvy youth, ousted dictatorial rulers, in what some people called ‘the Facebook revolution’. A wave of unprecedented and well-coordinated protests took place in several countries of the Middle East to manifest the anger of the population, mainly about the youngsters suffering from marginalisation, unemployment and harsh and difficult …

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Russias Official Presence In Middle East

Since the outbreak of uprising in Syria, Russia has been providing arms as well as military and logistical support to its Arab allies. As al-Assad’s regime weakened, Russian military support to the regime increased dramatically. But, Russia is out to expand its role in Syria to include direct intervention against the regime’s enemies including the self-styled Islamic State (IS). This …

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China’s New Grand Strategy for the Middle East

Chinas New Grand Strategy for the Middle East

“Turmoil in the Middle East stems from the lack of development, and the ultimate solution depends on development. The use of force offers no solution to problems. Parties to the conflict should focus on advancing the process of political settlement. The international community should respect the will and role of those directly involved, the neighbouring countries and regional organizations, instead …

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Leaders and Their Legacies

Leaders and their legacies

“Who is our leader” is a question easier asked than answered in today’s world. Nations are not led by leaders any more. Countries, including those considered mothers and champions of democracy are no longer governed by moral or ethical values. Misfortunes of our world today come not from excess but from total absence of leadership at national and global levels. …

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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor

For feedback and suggestions, please write to us at: editorjwtmag@gmail.com; editor@jworldtimes.com GENDER DISPARITY Saqiba Kakar, a 17-year-old girl from Balochistan’s Kila Saifullah district, committed suicide on the last date for the submission of forms to Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education after the college principal allegedly refused to send her examination form to the intermediate education board.

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