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Pakistan-Russia, The New Best Friends?

Pakistan Russias New Best Friend

Russia’s interest in warming up its relations with Pakistan has increased in recent years. The two countries are cosying up at a time that is of critical importance in the region as well as the whole world. This is of pivotal importance especially in the context that the world order is changing, though slowly. This resurgence of Pak-Russia cordiality has …

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Moditva — India’s Bane, I Preach what I do not Practice

Moditva - Indias Bane

Bihar, the Indian state where Buddha attained enlightenment, where the civilization’s greatest empires sprang from, and which saw the world’s first residential university, delivered a sharp blow to the ruling BJP. The election loss in the heartland state came after a period of intense debate over tolerance and India’s national identity. The fear and intimidation that has permeated India is …

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Are We Witnessing, A Third Intifada?

The question that has been arising since the outbreak of the current flare-up in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is still looking for an answer. With the brutal Israeli response to Palestinian demonstrations in occupied Jerusalem and elsewhere in the area, people keep asking: Is it the third intifada (uprising), will it be a long sustainable one? The bloody events brought …

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WITHDRAWING THE WITHDRAWAL, Is Afghanistan A Mission Impossible?

Once again, the United States has delayed the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan — prolonging the United States’ longest war. Despite an earlier promise to remove US troops from the war-torn country, President Barack Obama announced on October 15 that he will keep military combat troops there at least through the end of his administration in 2016. And in …

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The Real American Exceptionalism

“The sovereign is he who decides on the exception,” said Carl Schmitt, Nazi Germany’s chief jurist, in 1922, meaning that a nation’s leader can defy the law to serve the greater good. Though Schmitt’s unwavering support for Hitler damaged his reputation for decades, today his ideas have achieved unimagined influence. Indeed, Schmitt has influenced American politics directly through his intellectual …

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Raheel Sahrif’s Washington Rendezvous

COAS Visit to USA

Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Raheel Sharif, paid an important visit to the United States on Nov 15-20, 2015. This five-day visit underscored security issues facing Islamabad and Washington in the region and it was attached “unprecedented” importance especially because of the expectations attached by the US authorities to Pakistan’s role for restoring peace in Afghanistan. The visit …

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A ‘Knotty’ Love Affair

Pakistan India Relations

Despite Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s unrelenting overtures for peace between India and Pakistan, the two nuclear-armed neighbours remain inextricably tied together in a straight jacket with each mostly looking in the opposite direction while crying hoarse at each other. They just cannot unbuckle themselves in this traditionally “knotty” love affair, and are today the only two countries in the world …

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World’s Top Ten

World Top Ten Stories

A CONFRONTATION WAITING TO HAPPEN Nov 24: The Russian Sukhoi Su-24, an all-weather attack aircraft, was shot down by Turkish F-16s in the Turkey-Syria border area in one of the most serious publicly acknowledged clashes between a NATO member country and Russia for half a century. Russia’s defence ministry announced suspension of military cooperation with Turkey and  cancelled foreign minister’s …

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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (September 2017)

For feedback and suggestions, please write to us at: editorjwtmag@gmail.com; editor@jworldtimes.com IMPORTANCE OF READING NEWSPAPERS The main conveyor of news is a newspaper. Though news may come from many other sources like magazines and books i.e. the print media; and radio, TV channels and the Internet i.e. the electronic media; besides the old methods of getting news as from word …

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Avoiding the Armageddon, Pope should Learn from the Grand Mufti

Trump's Afghanistan Gambit (Editorial September 2017)

On the evening of November 13, the world was stunned when the French capital Paris, often called “La Ville-Lumière” (The Light City), plunged into darkness with a series of coordinated terrorist attacks. More than 130 people were killed and scores injured in this heinous act of terror the responsibility for which was claimed by the self-styled Islamic State (Daesh). The …

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