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The author has been teaching the methodology for preparation for competitive examinations for some time now. Based on his own experience as well as on interaction with the aspirants for the competitive exams, the author has discovered some primary techniques which he has collectively categorized as ‘methodology for preparation for a competitive examination’. The author does not claim the universality …

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Pakistan and SCO, Opportunities for Pakistan

Pakistan and SCO

Pakistan finally acquired its one of the most significant foreign policy objectives when it was granted full membership of the powerful Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on July 10, 2015, at its 15th Summit held in Ufa, Russia. This membership provides Pakistan with a range of marvellous opportunities on economic, political and security fronts, but certain obstructive challenges still lie ahead. …

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Empowering Local Governments

Local government is a system of administration for small political units like districts, towns and villages. It operates within a larger framework under the constitution; the powers of local government are usually delegated by central government. The third tier of democratic set of governance is also democratically elected, and administers such matters as local environmental health, sanitation, transport, education and …

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Climate Change & National Security

Traditionally, national security is analyzed through the lense of physical threats from invaders, extremist groups, whether within or outside of the country, and social or political unrest which may lead to destabilization. However, along with these, the world, at present, is witnessing a new threat to global and national security in the form of climate change. In case of Pakistan, the climate change has turned into one of the biggest national security issues, and failure to acknowledge its impacts today will pose serious challenges for the country in the near future. It is because of the fact that climate change is a threat multiplier that exacerbates existing pressures as well as poses new challenges to security in fragile societies like Pakistan. Robert McNamara one said, “Security means development and without development there is no security.” It means that there exists a strong linkage between a country's national security and the economy because only a strong economy can ensure strong defence; it will enhance country’s power and hence will strengthen national security. But, Pakistan’s economy is highly vulnerable to climate change effects and this phenomenon has been identified as the biggest security threat in recent times. Although in recent years, Pakistan’s economy has shown some promising signs of development, it has been sluggish for the past many years. Natural disasters, which directly result from climate change, have been hitting Pakistan’s economy hard especially since 2010. Recurring, devastating floods strike heavy blows almost every year. Recent estimates from the World Bank reveal that Pakistan has suffered losses in excess of $18bn because of natural disasters over the last one decade. In addition, data from the NDMA shows that more than 2.5m people were affected due to last year’s deluge in the Chenab and Sutlej rivers, with over 350 casualties and destruction of over 1m acres of crops. This year, floods have again damaged the economy. According to the World Resources Institute, Pakistan ranks 5th in the list of top 15 countries that account for 80 percent of the population exposed to river-flood risk worldwide. While Pakistan's economy has seen negligible growth over the last many years, WRI estimates indicate that nearly 1 percent of the GDP losses are attributable to floods every year. Additionally, studies indicate that on average, up to 1.6 percent of the country’s population is affected by natural catastrophes every year. Changing climate has emerged as a big national security threat for Pakistan and if not tackled through policy initiative, it may have devastating effects on the population of the country. For Pakistan, climate change is turning out to be the most fundamental non-traditional security threat and its impacts are already being felt in the form of floods, droughts, cyclones and sea level rise in and around Pakistan

Climate change presents a grave threat to the security and prosperity of almost all countries across the globe. Pakistan, which ranks tenth in 2014 global index of fragile states, is also no exception to it. This phenomenon is turning out to be the most fundamental of all non-traditional security threats for Pakistan. These threats arise primarily out of non-military sources, …

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Revamp the Civil Service of Pakistan

Revamp the Civil Service of Pakistan

Civil service refers to the body of government officials who are employed in civil occupations that are neither political nor judicial. A well-functioning civil service helps foster good policymaking, effective service delivery, accountability and responsibility in utilizing public resources which are the characteristics of good governance. The importance of the civil service to governance stems from the service’s presence throughout …

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Pakistan’s Crumbling Education System

Pakistans Crumbling Education System

Pakistan is an unfortunate country in the terms that it inherited an educational system that was based on class segregation and this is still being followed without paying any heed to reform it. Our country doesn’t have a uniform educational system rather it is divided, incoherent and also lacks quality. The multi-tier system that is operating in Pakistan at present …

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Electoral Reforms in Pakistan, The Sooner, the Better

Electoral Reforms in Pakistan

In any country, even in well-established democracies, the legal framework and administrative processes for elections need to be seen as organic, requiring regular review and modification. This is important not only to ensure compliance with international standards and obligations but it also reflects a broader political need to engage in continuous efforts to sustain confidence in the efficacy of the …

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Low on Ease of Doing Business Index

Low on global bsuiness index

Conducive environment for starting and operating a local firm is crucial for accelerating economic growth. One of the top priorities of the sates is, therefore, to create business-friendly environment; inevitable for achieving higher economic growth and reducing unemployment. Nevertheless, conflicts and violence frustrate such efforts’ gear toward establishing peace and security as a public good. The above lines describe the …

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Seeking International Investment

Seeking international investment

The 2-day International Seminar on Business Opportunities, organized by the Punjab government on November 6-7, presented a perfect opportunity to the international and local businessmen and investors to have frank and candid discussions on investment opportunities in Punjab and explore avenues for possible cooperation. Going by about 150 MoUs and agreements signed on the occasion, it can be said that …

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