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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor (September 2017)

For feedback and suggestions, please write to us at: editorjwtmag@gmail.com; editor@jworldtimes.com IMPORTANCE OF READING NEWSPAPERS The main conveyor of news is a newspaper. Though news may come from many other sources like magazines and books i.e. the print media; and radio, TV channels and the Internet i.e. the electronic media; besides the old methods of getting news as from word …

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Avoiding the Armageddon, Pope should Learn from the Grand Mufti

Trump's Afghanistan Gambit (Editorial September 2017)

On the evening of November 13, the world was stunned when the French capital Paris, often called “La Ville-Lumière” (The Light City), plunged into darkness with a series of coordinated terrorist attacks. More than 130 people were killed and scores injured in this heinous act of terror the responsibility for which was claimed by the self-styled Islamic State (Daesh). The …

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World in Focus (Sept-Oct 2015)

World in Focus

NATIONAL Sep 16: Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif reiterated that terrorists will not be allowed to return to Fata and that the army will remain in the area to complete its job. Sep 16: The federal government removed the names of over 65,000 individuals from the Exit Control List (ECL) and the passport blacklist. Sep 16: The Lahore High Court …

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Css Interview: Do’s & Don’ts

CSS Interview Do and Dont copy

DO Dress professionally. Your personal cleanliness must be immaculate. Greet the panel with a smile. Maintain smiling face during  the interview. Be thorough in your answers, while being brief in your wording. Illustrate your answer instead of saying mere ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Be concise and to the point. Keep your posture straight. Use relevant and formal vocabulary.

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How I got through CSS Interview

css Interview

Interview Panel: Chairman FPSC, Maj General (R) Niaz Khattak, Mrs Batool Iqbal, Mr Abdul Wajid Rana, and Mr Ahmed Baksh Lehri. I entered the room and greeted them with Assalam-o-Alaikum. They answered and Mr Chairman offered me a seat. He started off asking me some questions about my present job to which I responded well, and to his satisfaction. He …

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Psychological Assessment: How it Happens?

psychological assessment

In CSS Exam, Psychological Assessment is the second major evaluation, after qualifying the written part and it determines a candidate’s chances of successful induction into the Civil Services. This precedes the Panel Interview and its basic purpose is the profiling of the candidates. Through various written tests and group activities, the panel of psychologists creates a profile of the candidates …

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Dignity Of Man & Equality

Dignity of man and quality

“Indeed, We have given dignity to the progeny of Adam, and bore them across land and sea and provided them with good things for their sustenance, and exalted them above many of Our creatures.”                                             (Bani Israel: 70) Islam accentuates the dignity of man and accords tremendous importance to human life, honour …

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Universal Children’s Day

Universal Childrens Day

Lives of 1.8 million Pakistani children are in danger Once there was a time when we were kids and were at the centre of our parents’ lives; and now when we have our own children, our lives revolve around them. But, we must not limit our love and care only to our own children rather we should widen this circle …

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