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US-Russia Proxy War in Middle East

US-Russia proxy war looms in Middle East

“We’re not going to make Syria a proxy war between the United States and Russia,” US President Barack Obama told journalists, as Russian jets continued their air strikes over the war-torn country. But that statement can be interpreted only in one of two ways: Either that the United States doesn’t care about Syria, and is prepared to abandon it to …

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2nd JWT ESSAY Competition

After huge success of 1st JWT Essay Competition,Jahangir’s World Times now announces 2nd JWT ESSAY Competition All CSS, PMS aspirants are invited to write essay on any ONE of the following topics: 70 Years of the United NationsSuccesses, failures and the way forward Energy CrisisCauses, effects and remedies

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United Nations, Divided World: Obama, Putin and World Order

For the past six years, President Barack Obama has dominated the annual opening of the UN General Assembly, his words and initiatives driving the agenda and media coverage. This year, it was Russian President Vladimir Putin, making his first UN appearance in a decade, who stole the diplomatic show. While speaking at the 70th UN General Assembly session, Vladimir Putin …

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Exclusive Interview: His Excellency Richard G. Olson

Richard Olson

The Outgoing US Ambassador to Pakistan New US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Profile On October 15, 2015, the Obama administration appointed Mr Richard G. Olson, the outgoing US ambassador to Pakistan, as the next US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mr Olson will take charge of his new designation on 17th of November 2015, the time when …

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Kasuri Rejuvenates Kashmir Issue

Kasuri rejuvenates Kashmir

Former Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri deserves praise for rejuvenating the Kashmir issue. Nobody else could do it; not even Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his last two consecutive speeches in the UN General Assembly since he assumed office for his third term. After the nuclear tests in South Asia, first by India and then by Pakistan in May 1998, Kashmir …

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Hajj Sermon 2015: Key Takeaways

Hajj sermon

While delivering the Hajj sermon in Masjid-e-Nimra at Maidan-e-Arafat, where this year around two million pilgrims gathered to perform Hajj, Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz urged Muslims to make all efforts to spread the real message of Islam. Following are some key takeaways from his Hajj 2015 sermon:

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World Top 10

Ending a Long Deadlock Sep 16: Nepalese lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to approve a new constitution that will turn the former Himalayan monarchy into a secular, multiparty democracy. The passage was the culmination of a long-running process that started seven years ago after the end of a Maoist insurgency. Reinvigorating Kashmir Issue Sep 27: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif formally raised issue …

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Letters to Editor

Letter to the editor

For feedback and suggestions, please write to us at:editorjwtmag@gmail.com; editor@jworldtimes.com NEED TO REMOVE AMBIGUITIES It is absolutely true that reforms in CSS are the most pressing need of the time. But FPSC should make it clear as to what kind of changes are in the offing. The ambiguity created by the media reports about the proposed reforms has perplexed the …

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Hinduising Modi-fied India

Trump's Afghanistan Gambit (Editorial September 2017)

Recent surge in incidents of what can be called India’s ‘state-sponsored terrorism’ against its own Muslims and other minorities symbolizes the Hindu bigotry against non-Hindu Indians. Hindus fascists are out to ‘Hinduise’ India; a country that claims to be world’s second-largest secular state. Non-Hindus are being killed and lynched mercilessly on mere accusation that they are involved in beef consumption, …

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