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Quaid’s Vision on Education

Quaid vision of education

Quaid-e-Azam was a visionary leader having a deep insight and unrivalled vision for Pakistan on many fronts. He had a clear vision as to what sort of educational system we should have developed in our country. The Quaid believed that education was the key factor in safeguarding the national independence and moulding the character of a people. The system of …

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In Conversation with AYAZ HUSSAIN, 9th in Punjab, PMS-2015

Ayaz Hussain PMS Topper

Psychological control on fear to fail,  positive motivation, persistent action, hard work, and a smart preparation strategy are imperative to success. Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Ayaz Hussain (AH): After matriculation, I did my FSc from Government College University, Lahore. Then I did MBBS from King Edward Medical University (KEMU), Lahore …

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The Ominous Rise of Populism, Cashing in on the ‘public discontent’

The Ominous Rise of Populism

The spectre of populism has gripped the world nowadays. We are living in a dangerous time of transition where industrial capitalism is breaking down and we don’t yet have a viable alternative. Incumbent politicians are still clinging to fixing the existing system while insurgent populists are arguing for big changes. This, to a large degree, explains the scary rise of …

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In Conversation with Mutahar Amin Hayat Wattoo, 8th in Pakistan, CSS-2015

Mutahar Amin Hayat Watto 8th in Pakistan CSS 2015

Never be afraid of taking risk and never ever give up on your dreams! Jahangir’s World Times (JWT): First of all, please tell us about your educational background? Mutahar Amin Hayat Wattoo (MAHW): I got my early education from Aitchison College, Lahore and completed my O Level and A Level from there. I was an honors student throughout and won …

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Dealing with Sales Tax Fraud, An imperative to raise the tax revenues

Dealing with sales tax fraud

Value-added Tax (VAT)/General Sales Tax (GST) frauds are rife in developing as well as advanced economies using VAT/GST system for raising indirect tax revenues. Perhaps, susceptibility of VAT/GST to frequent frauds as a weakness has emerged as the most-debated issue in the recent past. In Pakistan, GST fraud is no less than a daunting challenge for the Inland Revenue tax …

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Revisiting Our Social Contract

Revisiting Social Contract

The total fiasco of the existing order implicates the drawing up of a new “Social Contract” in Pakistan to guarantee the provision of the inviolable human rights in letter and spirit. The theory of social contract first appeared during the 17th century when England, or to be more general, Europe was faced with the crisis of legitimacy of government to …

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ENERGY CRISIS, A perpetual dilemma for Pakistan

energy crisis in Pakistan

Energy crisis is perhaps the biggest problem Pakistan faces today. Over the years, lack of accountability and myopic government policies have been the reasons due to which not only does Pakistan suffer hours-long load-shedding, but the soaring petroleum prices have also curtailed its usage as an alternative source of energy. Consequently, the demand for electricity far outweighs its supply. Recently, …

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Punjab Budget 2016-17 A policy win?

Punjab Budget 2016-A policy

For long, the trickle-down theory has held its appeal for the economists around the world with the countries adopting policy instruments that were generally favourable to big businesses and wealthy elite. The idea governing the preference for this model has been a single-minded focus on achieving growth at any cost; secure in the belief that it will automatically lead to …

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