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Will Israel & Saudi Arabia join Hands against Iran?  The Middle East has long been considered the world’s most important region, given its strategic, economic and religious significance. It is the world’s largest oil- and gas-producing region – 65.5 percent of OPEC’s total output comes from the Middle East. It is the converging point of the jugular routes of global …

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Saudi Arabia Purge or Power Struggle?

How Mohammed bin Salman’s adventurism may have perilous repercussions There is no denying the fact that anti-corruption purge was long overdue in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the situation prevailing there merited stringent actions. As the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s announced his “Vision 2030” and his other plans for modernity of the Kingdom, his valiance has been envisaged …

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Saudi Arabia under King Salman

RIYADH: King Salman has overseen some important changes in Saudi Arabia since he inherited the throne from his elderly half-brother King Abdullah nearly three years ago. Following the arrest of dozens of figures including princes, ministers and a top business tycoon, here is a look back at some developments during his reign. Changes at the top On Jan 23, 2015 …

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Whither the Muslim World? (Editorial July 2017)

Trump's Afghanistan Gambit (Editorial September 2017)

The Riyadh Summit, or the US-Arab-Islamic Summit, and the ensuing events once again have highlighted the widening chasms in the Muslim world. It further reinforces the impression that Muslims are still very far from achieving the dream of the unity of Ummah. Although the summit was organised with the ostensible purpose of combating terrorism, the statements made by President Trump …

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Reorienting Pakistan’s Foreign Policy, The sooner, the better

Reorienting Pakistans Foreign Policy

Jean-Paul Sartre once famously said, “L’enfer, c’est les autres” (Hell is other people), and same is true for the present-day Pakistan. Slowly but steadily, Pakistan is being isolated on global stage and is losing its old friends. In order to fulfil their nefarious designs, foreign powers are carrying out covert operations in the country but still no one pays heed …

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When Saudi Arabia announced the formation of a 34-state Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism, it included the name of Pakistan along with Arab countries such as Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, besides Turkey, Malaysia and some African states, among the list of member countries. Although initially Pakistan welcomed the formation of the alliance against terrorism, yet it …

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Gulf Cooperation Council

gulf cooperation council

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a political and economic alliance made up of six Middle Eastern countries located in the Gulf region on the Arabian peninsula. The bloc aims to boost economic cooperation between members and, through collective security, to guard against any threat from neighbouring states and from Islamic extremism. The GCC also aims to achieve unity among …

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10 Biggest Oil Companies in the World

1 – Saudi Aramco Headquarters: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia manages its oil reserves through state-owned Saudi Aramco. In 2014, Saudi Aramco’s average daily oil production was 12 million barrels per day (B/D), making it the world’s largest private oil company by production. Aramco increased oil production amid a global glut that drove benchmark prices down almost 50 percent last …

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Politicizing a Humanitarian Crisis, Stop playing pass the parcel

Politicizing a Humanitarian Crisis

The rising number of people entering Europe in 2015 in search of safety and a better life has captured the world’s attention with scenes of heartbreaking tragedy. Travelling hundreds and thousands of miles over land and over water, from Africa, the Middle East and Asia, people are risking everything in the hope of reaching their goal, and the danger does …

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